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Written by Jennifer Nodwell   
Saturday, 14 August 2010 12:26

My mother recalls Maurice Fletcher, Jr., after whom Fletcher Field is named in or near Clarksdale, Ms. He was married to Lillie, who people referred to as Aunt Lillie.

I found Lillie Eileen Dickey, daughter of William E. Dickey, son of James Wilder Dickey, but I don't know where these Dickey relatives fit in with the ones I've identified already. I know there is a relation somewhere!

They started out in South Carolina, migrated to Tennessee, and ultimately settled in Mississippi.

Ancestry for Lillie Eileen Dickey

 1. Lillie Eileen Dickey 
b. 1890 
 2. William Edward Dickey 
b. 08 Jul 1848 
   Columbis, Tennessee 
 d. 03 Dec 1916 
   Lyon,Coahoma County,Mississippi 
 4. James Wilder Dickey 
b. 1825 
   South Carolina 
 m. 1845 
   Maury County, Tennessee 
 8. Samuel Edward Dickey 
b. 1780 
 d. 1835 
 16. John Dickey 
b. 1740 
 m. abt 1776 
   South Carolina 
 d. 11 Jan 1807 
   Williamson, Tennessee 
 17. Mary Way Armstrong 
b. Jan 1748 
   South Carolina 
 d. 29 Dec 1821 
   Maury, Tennessee 
 9. Elizabeth Unknown 
 5. Elizabeth Jane Kines 
 3. Henrietta Ragland 
b. 18 AUG 1849 
   Watervalley, Lafayette County, Mississippi 
 d. 24 Feb 1938 
   Lyon,Coahoma County,Mississippi 
 6. William Stephen Ragland 
b. 22 AUG 1813 
   Baldwin Co., Georgia 
 m. 27 OCT 1842 
   Lafayette Co., Mississippi 
 d. 26 OCT 1889 
   Paris, Lafayette Co., Mississippi 
 12. John A Ragland 
b. 1790 
   Chatham Co., North Carolina 
 m. 15 AUG 1811 
   Jasper Co., Georgia 
 d. ABT 1855 
   Lafayette Co., Mississippi 
 24. William Ragland, Jr. 
b. 24 Apr 1759 
   Christ Church Parish, Virginia 
 d. 1836 
 25. Sarah Williams 
 d. 1847 
 13. Martha Maxey 
b. 1795 
   Oglethorpe Co., Georgia 
 d. ABT 1850 
   Lafayette Co., Mississippi 
 26. Walter Maxey 
b. 9 JUL 1745 
   Goochland Co Virginia 
 m. 1767 
   Bedford Co., Virginia 
 d. 7 OCT 1828 
   Jasper Co, Georgia 
 27. Ann Swanson 
b. 1745 
 d. 7 OCT 1828 
 7. Sarah Anne Hamblett 
b. 13 DEC 1826 
   Troup, Georgia 
 d. 4 OCT 1906 
   Lafayette Co., Mississippi 
 14. Samuel Franklin Hamblett 
b. 1800 
   Caswell, North Carolina 
 d. 1830 
   Troup, Georgia 
 28. Richard Hamblett 
b. 1765 
 d. 1860 
   Morgan, Georgia 
 29. Winnie Fielder 
b. 1775 
   Loudoun, Virginia 
 d. 1832 
   Butts, Georgia 
 15. Sarah Wortham 
b. 02 Feb 1803 
   Morgan, Georgia 
 d. Oct 1873 
   Delay, Lafayette County, Mississippi 
 30. William Taliaferro Wortham 
b. 20 Mar 1768 
   Amherst County, Virginia 
 m. 13 Feb 1800 
 d. 20 Jul 1845 
   Morgan County, Georgia 
 31. Sarah Braswell 
b. 10 Aug 1777 
 d. 03 Jul 1859 
   Morgan County, Georgia 


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