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Written by Jennifer Nodwell   
Monday, 23 August 2010 04:21

Jeffrey Crowley's Mark From His WillOne of Omar Travis Osborne's direct ancestors, his great-great-great-great-grandfather, is Jeffrey Crowley. Jeffrey Crowley was born 29 March 1702, in Kinwarton, Warwickshire, England. No one knows for certain (yet) who his father was. Some researchers believe he is the illegitimate son of Jeffrey Hopkins and a hired girl, Agnes Crowley. Others believe he is the son of Samuel Crowley, who was the estranged son of Ambrose Crowley II of Stourbridge, England. This Samuel ran away and went to sea, and his half-brother is the famous Sir Ambrose Crowley III. Sir Ambrose mentions his half brother having had a bad time at sea which distressed their father. Neither possibility of parentage can (as of yet) be firmly established.

Either way, our Jeffrey Crowley first appears in Orange County, Virginia when he sues James Stodsgill for land that he sold in 1730 or 1731. He was married to Effie at this time and has probably had his first child. Jeffrey and Effie are mentioned in several court cases in Orange County, seemingly stemming from this first case over the land deal. Not much is known of Effie, except that she died some time between 1755 and 1757, at which time Jeffrey had remarried to a Mrs. Martha Edwards, the widow of Thomas Edwards. Jeffrey Crowley died in Halifax County, Virginia in 1761.

Jeffrey and Effie had at least four children: John, Benjamin, Mary, and Samuel. Benjamin was born around 1739 in Orange County, Virginia and married Sarah Strong. In 1755 in Bedford County, Benjamin's asignee, James Tilley, received a wolf's head bounty for 50 pounds of tobacco. Later, in 1758, he was paid for 23 days of service in the Halifax County Militia. Benjamin and his family moved through Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and finally settled in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, where he died around 1817.


The name of Jeffrey's first wife is on a deed dated September 1755, in Bedford County, in which Effie and Jeffrey sold 200 acres in Bedford to William Callaway.  The Crowley-Callaway relationship extended back to 1735 in Orange County. From Jeffrey's will and inventory, we learn he was a gentleman who wore stockings and had a great coat and this coat was valued at more than his bull.  He was a breeder of fine horses used for racing.  He said one mare was "running at Thomas Callaway's and another was running at Leatherwood [Leatherwood Creek in Henry County]."  It is also believed that Jeffrey owned a peach orchard on the James River back in 1738 and most likely owned a distillery to make peach brandy.  His associate, Col. William Callaway owned a store and sold brandy.

In the codicil to his will, Jeffrey said that he wished the remainder of his property to be divided among his four children.  He named only two, being Benjamin and Samuel Crowley.  But over the years, other family historians have determined the identity of the two who were not named.  One was Mary who married Randolph Gibson named in Jeffrey's will, and the other is assumed to be the eldest son, John Crowley.  By the laws of progenitor, often the first son was not named in wills, as it was understood he would inherit the family homestead. The will is not conclusive evidence that Jeffrey had only four children.


The following are excerpts from “The Genealogy of the Crowley’s,” by Paul R. Crowley, and up-dated by Sue and Harold Crowley.

Jeffry Crowley, his wife Martha and at least one child, Benjamin, came to Virginia in the Great North Ireland Protestant Migration, beginning in 1728.  It is thought they arrived about 1734 or 35, as his name appears on records in Orange Co in 1735.

Jeffry was of Protestant Faith, a Hardshell Baptist.  The rest of Ireland was Catholic, and were not welcomed in America until about 20 years later, when the great Catholic Migration for America began.

It is not known whether Jeffry was born in England or in Ireland.  His father, John, was born in Herts Co., England.  John’s 8 or 9 boys seemed to have come to Va. from Ireland.

History of the migration states that the people took passage so fast there were almost no records kept of those leaving for America.  There were no family or Port of Embarkation records kept, and in America, there were no Port of Entry records kept.  So, it is not known who or how many came at that time.

Ben and Sam owned land on Little Sandy River, near that of their father on Little Otter River.  Their lands were in Pittsylvania Co.  Ben occupied his until he sold out in 1783 to go to Georgia.

Old Sam and his wife Elizabeth sold out in 1773, probably expecting Sam to be called into the Virginia Rangers.  He was called up for service, as the Indians, encouraged by the British, were on the war path.  General Andrew Lewis led his Virginia Rangers against the Shawnees under their brave leader, Chief Cornstalk, in the Battle of Point Pleasant on the Ohio River in Western Va. and defeated them in a hard fought battle.  This was October 10, 1774. Many were killed on both sides, including Old Sam and the General’s brother, Charles.  The next day a Treaty of Peace was signed.



Will of Jeffrey Crowley

1761 Oct 17 - HALIFAX CO, Va - Will Bk O:137  Will of JEFFREY CROWLEY written: CODICIL: 17 Oct 1761; Proved: 18 Feb 1762"

In the name of God, Amen... I, JEFFREY CROWLEY of the Parish of Antrim in the County of Halifax, planter BEING VERY SICK & WEAK IN BODY, but of perfect mind & memory, thanks be given unto God therefore calling unto mind the mortality of my body & knowing that it is appointed for all men to die, do make & ordain this my last will & Testament that is to say, principally & first of all I give & commend my soul unto the hands of God that gave it & for my body I commend it to the earth to be buried in a Christian like & decent manner at the discretion of my Executors nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give devise & dispose of the same in the following manner & form:  #1 - It is my will & I do order that all my just debts & funeral charges be paid & satisfied.   #2 - I give unto my dearly beloved wife, MARTHA [2nd], one NEGRO FELLOW NAMED PETER with all my stock of cattle & hogs & household goods & my work horse & a YOUNG BAY MARE & moveables during her life.  #3 - I do give to my well beloved CHILDREN after her decease, all my estate to be divided among them & their heirs & assigns forever.  #4 - I give to my well beloved SON, BENJAMIN CROWLEY, ONE GRAY MARE RUNNING AT THOMAS CALLAWAYS & to my SON, SAMUEL CROWLEY ONE BAY MARE NOW IN HIS POSSESSION & A COLT that came of the gray mare 2 years old next spring & to RANDOLPH GIBSON, a BAY MARE that I had of Joseph Austin & HORSE COLT THAT RUNS AT LEATHERWOOD [Creek in now Henry Co] & some debts that is due to me in BEDFORD COUNTY & a HORSE THAT RAN AWAY INTO AUGUSTA [Co, Va] if he can get him & a bond of 46 shillings on William Walker & same in COLO. WILLIAM CALLAWAYS HANDS & same in JAMES TILLEYS HANDS. And to BENJAMIN and SAMUEL CROWLEY 10 lbs, 11 shillings & 6 pence that DANIEL DUNN owed me & to John Heale a BAY YEARLING MARE COLT that I had of him.  And I do hereby utterly disallow, revoke & disannul all & every other former testament wills legacies & executors by me in any way before this time. Ratifying & confirming this & no other to be my last will & testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal the day & year above written.. /s/ JEFFREY (o) CROWLEY [his mark, a circle containing a cross].  Signed, sealed, published, pronounced & declared by said Jeffrey Crowley as his last will & Testament. Witnessed by GEORGE BRITTAIN, JOHN (X)

JONES, JOHN HARRIS Codicil written same day (p.138):  I Jeffrey Crowley of Antrim Parish, Virginia on this 17 of Oct make this my codicil: It is my desire that after my wife’s decease that the NEGRO FELLOW PETER be given between my TWO SONS, BENJAMIN CROWLEY & SAMUEL CROWLEY and the other part to be DIVIDED BETWEEN MY FOUR (4) CHILDREN EQUALLY & if either of them can pay the other his part of the NEGRO [Peter] to keep him & if not to sell him to the highest bidder & divide the money equally & a red cow with her horns sawed off to RANDOLPH GIBSON & a heifer that came of a cow named Chanak to my son BENJAMIN & another of the same age to SAMUEL CROWLEY.  /s/ JEFFREY (JC) CROWLEY.

1762 Feb 18 - Halifax Co, VaAt a Court held for Halifax Co, the last will was proved by the witnesses & the testator having appointed no Executor of his last will, certificate was granted to MARTHA HIS WIDOW who obtained letters of Admr. and THOMAS EDWARDS & WILLIAM WRIGHT became her securities.

Descendants of Jeffrey Crowley

    Generation: 1

  1. Jeffrey Crowley b. 29 MAR 1702, Kinwarton,Warwickshire,England; d. 18 FEB 1762, Antrim Parish,Halifax Co.,VA.
    Jeffrey m. Affiniah Early (Abt 1730).   Affiniah b. 1704, Virginia; d. 1756, Bedford Co.,VA.

    1. 2. Mary Crowley  . b. 1733, Orange Co.,VA; d. 1797, Oglethorpe Co.,GA.
    2. 3. Benjamin Crowley  . b. Abt 1739, Virginia; d. 5 OCT 1817, Macon Co.,Oglethorpe Co.,GA.
    3. 4. Samuel Croley  . b. 1742, Orange Co.,VA; d. 10 OCT 1774, Point Pleasant,VA.

    Generation: 2

  1. Mary Crowley (1.Jeffrey1) b. 1733, Orange Co.,VA; d. 1797, Oglethorpe Co.,GA.
    Mary m. Randall (Randolph) Gibson (1750, Orange Co.,VA).   Randall b. Abt 1734; d. 1793, Wilkes Co.,GA.

    1. 5. John Gibson  . b. 1751; d. Bef 1838.
    2. 6. Mary "Polly" Gibson  . b. 1771, Pittsylvania Co.,VA; d. 1830, Whitley Co,KY.
    3. 7. George Gibson  . b. 1773; d. 3 JUL 1838, Wayne Co.,KY.
    4. 8. Jesse Gibson  . b. 1777, Virginia; d. OCT 1838, Livingston Co.,KY.
    5. 9. James Gibson  . b. 1775/1779; d. Aft 1838, Scott Co.,TN.
    6. 10. Milly Gibson  . b. Abt 1780, Washington Co.,VA; d. Aft 1850, Campbell Co.,TN.
    7. 11. Catherine Gibson  . b. Abt 1785, Virginia.
    8. 12. Archibald Gibson  . b. 1784/1794; d. Bef 1838.

  2. Benjamin Crowley (1.Jeffrey1) b. Abt 1739, Virginia; d. 5 OCT 1817, Macon Co.,Oglethorpe Co.,GA.
    Benjamin m.  (Abt 1757, Virginia).  

  3. Samuel Croley (1.Jeffrey1) b. 1742, Orange Co.,VA; d. 10 OCT 1774, Point Pleasant,VA.

    Generation: 3

  1. John Gibson (2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1) b. 1751; d. Bef 1838.
  2. Mary "Polly" Gibson (2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1) b. 1771, Pittsylvania Co.,VA; d. 1830, Whitley Co,KY.
    Mary m.  (1793, Wilkes Co.,GA).  

  3. George Gibson (2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1) b. 1773; d. 3 JUL 1838, Wayne Co.,KY.
  4. Jesse Gibson (2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1) b. 1777, Virginia; d. OCT 1838, Livingston Co.,KY.
    Jesse m. Elizabeth Parmley (1799, Knoxville,TN).   Elizabeth b. 1782, Wilkes Co.,NC; d. 7 FEB 1854, Hardeman Co.,TN; bu. Gibson Cemetery, Hardeman County, Tennessee.

    1. 13. William Gibson  .
    2. 14. Henry B. Gibson  .
    3. 15. Stephen Gibson  .
    4. 16. George Stewart Gibson  . b. 17 OCT 1801, Davidson Co., TN; d. 10 OCT 1880, Hardeman Co., TN.
    5. 17. Mary Gibson  .
    6. 18. Ephraim Parmley Gibson  . b. 26 SEP 1817, Henderson Co.,TN; d. 8 OCT 1907, Evant,Coryell Co.,TX.
    7. 19. Archibald Gibson  . b. 1822.
    8. 20. Jane Gibson  .

  5. James Gibson (2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1) b. 1775/1779; d. Aft 1838, Scott Co.,TN.
  6. Milly Gibson (2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1) b. Abt 1780, Washington Co.,VA; d. Aft 1850, Campbell Co.,TN.
    Milly m.  (Abt 1802).  

  7. Catherine Gibson (2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1) b. Abt 1785, Virginia.
    Catherine m. .  

  8. Archibald Gibson (2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1) b. 1784/1794; d. Bef 1838.
    Archibald m.  (15 NOV 1808, Wayne Co.,KY).  

    Generation: 4

  1. William Gibson (8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1)
  2. Henry B. Gibson (8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1)
  3. Stephen Gibson (8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1)
  4. George Stewart Gibson (8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1) b. 17 OCT 1801, Davidson Co., TN; d. 10 OCT 1880, Hardeman Co., TN.
  5. Mary Gibson (8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1)
    Mary m. Frederick Hulet Croft.  

  6. Ephraim Parmley Gibson (8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1) b. 26 SEP 1817, Henderson Co.,TN; d. 8 OCT 1907, Evant,Coryell Co.,TX.
    Ephraim m. Rebecca Jane McIlhaney (19 OCT 1851, Hardeman Co.,TN).   Rebecca b. 26 APR 1833, Tennessee; d. 28 JUL 1912, Hamilton Co.,Texas.

    1. 21. James Henry Gibson  .
    2. 22. Jesse Thomas Gibson  .
    3. 23. Elizabeth Ann Gibson  .
    4. 24. Randolph Hunter "Randall" Gibson  .
    5. 25. John Parmley Gibson  .
    6. 26. Marquis Layfette "Fate" Gibson  . b. 22 Aug 1867, Coryell County, Texas; d. 17 Jun 1946, Hamilton County, Texas.
    7. 27. Ira Jackson Gibson  . b. 16 Dec 1869, Coryell City, Coryell County, Texas; d. 28 Nov 1931, Carlton, Hamilton County, Texas; bu. Carlton Cemetery, Carlton, Hamilton County, Texas.
    8. 28. David Martin Gibson  .
    9. 29. Ephraim Elanzo Gibson  .
    10. 30. William Archibald Gibson  .
    11. 31. Mary Jane Gibson  . b. 3 MAY 1853, Tennessee; d. 25 JUN 1928, Vernon,Wilbarger County,Texas.
    12. 32. George Franklin Gibson  . b. 15 Dec 1854; d. 03 Apr 1864.

  7. Archibald Gibson (8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1) b. 1822.
    Archibald m.  (11 AUG 1872, Stoddard Co.,MO).  

    Archibald m.  (13 NOV 1844, Hardeman Co.,TN).  

  8. Jane Gibson (8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1)
    Jane m. Johnson McGlaughlin, Sr.  

    Generation: 5

  1. James Henry Gibson (18.Ephraim4, 8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1)
  2. Jesse Thomas Gibson (18.Ephraim4, 8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1)
  3. Elizabeth Ann Gibson (18.Ephraim4, 8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1)
  4. Randolph Hunter "Randall" Gibson (18.Ephraim4, 8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1)
  5. John Parmley Gibson (18.Ephraim4, 8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1)
  6. Marquis Layfette "Fate" Gibson (18.Ephraim4, 8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1) b. 22 Aug 1867, Coryell County, Texas; d. 17 Jun 1946, Hamilton County, Texas.
  7. Ira Jackson Gibson (18.Ephraim4, 8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1) b. 16 Dec 1869, Coryell City, Coryell County, Texas; d. 28 Nov 1931, Carlton, Hamilton County, Texas; bu. Carlton Cemetery, Carlton, Hamilton County, Texas.
  8. David Martin Gibson (18.Ephraim4, 8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1)
  9. Ephraim Elanzo Gibson (18.Ephraim4, 8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1)
  10. William Archibald Gibson (18.Ephraim4, 8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1)
  11. Mary Jane Gibson (18.Ephraim4, 8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1) b. 3 MAY 1853, Tennessee; d. 25 JUN 1928, Vernon,Wilbarger County,Texas.
    Mary m. Charles Pinkney Osborne, Reverend (18 JUL 1868, Coryell County, Texas).   Charles b. 21 JUN 1845, ,Winston County,Mississippi; d. 27 APR 1920, Vernon,Wilbarger County,Texas; bu. Vernon,Wilbarger County,Texas.

    1. 33. Mary Ellen Osborne  . b. 14 DEC 1869, Coryell County, Texas; d. 12 JUN 1944, Fort Worth,Tarrant County,Texas; bu. Matador.
    2. 34. Ira Jackson Osborne  . b. 21 APR 1871, Coryell County, Texas; d. 5 DEC 1934.
    3. 35. Elizabeth Josephine Osborne  . b. 1 DEC 1872, Coryell County, Texas; d. 2 AUG 1913, Spur,Dickens County,Texas.
    4. 36. Nancy Rebecca Osborne  . b. 2 AUG 1874, Burnett,Fannin County,Texas; d. 15 DEC 1936.
    5. 37. William Lafeyette Osborne  . b. 24 SEP 1874, Coryell County, Texas; d. 11 JUL 1936; bu. Abilene,Taylor County,Texas,USA.
    6. 38. Martha Francis Osborne  . b. 1 SEP 1876, Hamilton,Hamilton County,Texas; d. 3 AUG 1959; bu. Rule,Haskell County,Texas.
    7. 39. Delula "Lula" Ann Osborne  . b. 12 JUN 1880, Lampasas,Lampasas County,Texas.
    8. 40. Thomas Ephraim Osborne  . b. 18 JAN 1882, Lampasas,Lampasas County,Texas.
    9. 41. Florence Belzora Osborne  . b. 29 FEB 1884, Texas.
    10. 42. David Nathanial Osborne  . b. 7 FEB 1887, ,Callahan County,Texas; bu. Lubbock,Lubbock County,Texas.
    11. 43. Eva Eudora Osborne  . b. 3 NOV 1888, ,Callahan County,Texas; d. 1967; bu. 1967, Abilene,Taylor County,Texas,USA.
    12. 44. Carroll Osborne  . b. 19 SEP 1890, ,Callahan County,Texas.
    13. 45. Pinkney "Tina" Haseltine Osborne  . b. 7 JUN 1892, ,Callahan County,Texas; bu. Hamlin,Fisher County,Texas.
    14. 46. Charles Pickney Osborne  . b. 26 MAR 1897, Fort Bend,Fort Bend County,Texas; d. 1976, Kerrville,Kerr County,Texas.

  12. George Franklin Gibson (18.Ephraim4, 8.Jesse3, 2.Mary2, 1.Jeffrey1) b. 15 Dec 1854; d. 03 Apr 1864.


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