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Written by Jennifer   
Thursday, 15 January 2009 15:48

Shortly after my first child was born, I gathered up all the family history and genealogy research my Nana and Nomin had done when I was a little girl, and started putting together a family tree of my child's ancestors. I had a great wealth of information to work from on the Barbee, Crowder, Simmons, and Laney families. As a child, I had attended Barbee and Laney family reunions every year with Nana and Papa, and Nomin or Mammaw. I think my interest in genealogy was sparked at these yearly pilgrimages to reunite with cousins and and bask in the glow of an almost overwhelming sense of belonging. When I started looking into my husband's ancestry, his mother's lines had a good deal of Osborne and Hay family information, but the Nodwell lineage was a fairly complete mystery.

I elected to start with my husband's and my grandparents and follow those eight families back through time as far as possible. The Nodwell Genealogy Project is the result of that research. The main ancestries I am tracing are Nodwell, Backman, Osborne, Hay, Crowder, Sloan, Manning, and Dickey. My ultimate goal is to have documentary and anecdotal information for as many of the ancestral families as possible.

Feel free to browse my tree. Living data is hidden in the public version of the familiy tree here. Registered users can view living data for anyone they are related to - just shoot me a note here if you think you're connected.

Comments are definitely welcome! You can suggest changes if you find inconsistent or erroneous information while you're browsing. Some time, not to long ago, I lost about 2000 cousins from the database in a bad hard drive accident. If you find a branch with some missing leaves, please let me know. Happy hunting!


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Curry/Osborne lines
I have been trying to get a hold of you for a while but just now found this site to know if it was you for sure. I am the granddaughter (yes, a girl named Cullen!) of John Boulet Curry. My granddaddy was a double first cousin to Omar Travis Osborne (if I have my information correct). He was the son of Rev. John Franklin Curry and Martha "Mattie" Frances Osborne. My granddaddy did a bunch of genealogy in the late 70's, and into the 80's. Since my grandparents passed away, my parents inherited all the information, and I am gradually putting it in the computer. My new computer does not have all the information in it yet, and my husband and I are planning to move this summer when we sell our house. Needless to say, all my genealogy stuff has been boxed up, and I am unsure when I can get to it. Hopefully, it will happen soon. I also have scanned pictures. I would be happy to share what I have with you when I can. There are some interesting tales to the Osborne clan during the Civil War period, and I am not sure we will ever know exactly what happened.

Let me tell you what I know off the top of my head. Rev. Hugh Franklin Curry married Margaret Virginia Long. They are both buried in a small cemetery outside of Rule, Haskell County, Texas called Pinkerton Cemetery. You can find a picture of those graves on . They had five children, Charles Edward Curry, John Franklin Curry, Annie Laura Curry, Sarah Frances Curry, and a daughter who died as an infant or very young child, Betty Curry. I have some pictures of H.F. and Margaret Curry. H.F. was born in North Carolina (Iredell County, I believe) and traveled to Mississippi at some point before the Civil War. He fought in the Civil War and I have a picture of him in his uniform. I will let you know the regiment and that information later. In his regiment were two or three of the Long brothers (a family of about 17 children). Their sister was Margaret Virginia. They married toward the end of the War, and soon after, started having their children. After John was born, they headed to Arkansas, and stayed in that area for a time, then headed to Texas. They lived in several different areas of Texas.

I have a lot of information on the Osborne, Gibson, McIlhaney, Parmley family lines as well. To me, it is a fascinating story. I have some pictures as well from those families. I have some with William Lafayette Osborne, but I don't believe I have any of Annie Laura. I also have lots of newspaper clippings that my grandmother clipped out of several newspapers that they got over the years. I hope all of this will help you and add to your collection. It has been a lot of fun for me to go through. I only wish my grandparents could have had the internet to help them in their searches, and there were be no telling what they could have found. Before I let you go for now, I didn't know if you knew that William Lafayette and Annie Laura were buried in Abilene. I believe it is the City Cemetery. You can find it online as well and search by surname. I think they had a son or daughter buried next to them as well. Anyway, I have rambled enough for now. I look forward to hearing from you, and getting you this information when I get moved and settled. I just pray it won't be long.

Cullen Elkins
Cullen (Curry) Elkins , June 18, 2009
My wife Susan Hutchings is Bessie Nodwell's great grand-daughter. How do I get access to living relative information . I am registered on this site.
alexisdoiron , September 08, 2009
my name is steven nodwell and my father's name was michael james nodwell my grandfather's name was james nodwell they lived in organ and came from canada. Both my grandfather and father have past and now im at a standstill with nothing to go on
STEVEN NODWELL , June 08, 2010 | url
john monroe sloan and cynthia catherine jackson oare my great grandfather and great grandmother
dale perkins , June 19, 2010
thank you, thank you, thank you for having this site.My mothers' father was Benjamin Kierstead Nodwell. To see all of the history and documentation in one place is like a birthday and Christmas present all rolled into one.
Anna Beale , June 30, 2011
Anna Beale,
My grandparents were Olive and Ben Nodwell and my mother was blanche. I remember you and Paul when I was a child. I spoke to Paul a few years ago in Hay River. Interested in communicating with you.
Council , October 20, 2013

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